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Resellers, you can enhance your services by offering Postini, a high quality, off server email spam and virus protection. You can price the service however you want and you will receive access to Postini that will allow you to setup adn manage your accounts. Each customer will receive their own access for managing their account.



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What is Postini?

Postini is a professional off-server email Virus and Spam Filtering service. That is all they do, so they do it well.

Postinis patented preEMPT Managed Service provides a robust, extensible email security platform with a common, web-based management interface. In operation since 1999, Postini has redundant data centers in North America with additional data centers opening in Europe in the first quarter of 2005. Processing more than 3 billion emails every week, Postini\’s manage service assures consistent, reliable 99.999 percent service availability, with no latency in delivering legitimate email messages.


Benefits of Using Postini

Off Server Email Filter

Users email is processed through Postini servers before it is forwarded onto your email on our servers. The advantages of off-server filtering include:

  • Protects your (our) mail server from the large amount of incoming email, reducing the load on our servers. You get better performance and peace of mind.
  • Filters out viruses before they reach your inbox and downloads to your PC.
  • Postini updates their rules directly from McAfee and/or other sources every 15 minutes. this means that your vulnerability is reduced to 15 minutes.
  • Blatant spam is blackholed, so you never see it. All other suspected spam is filtered into your quarantined folder at Postini for you to view and process as needed.
  • You control your email filtering rules and lists. Any email address added to your whitelist is not filtered.
  • Postini specializes in spam and virus filtering. That is their core business and all they do. Their entire service is dedicated to maintaining live, state of the art, up-to-the-minute email filtering systems.

Flexible Easy to Use Web-Based Email Control Panel

  • You manage your quarantined email through an easy-to-use Web Interface.
  • You set the level of filter for bulk email, sexually explicit email, get rich quick, special offers and racially insensitive emails from lenient to aggressive (5 levels).
  • There is nothing to install on your computer.
  • You do not need to buy any software
  • No need to reconfigure your existing passwords.
  • No change to the way you use email.

How it Works!

  • Each Postini Account (User) has one primary email account (
  • The User has access to their Postini Control Panel to set rules and manage their spam filtering rules.
  • Each \’user\’ can set up to 5 alternate email addresses on this domain (called aliases) to sort through their filter.
  • We can set up a default \’catchall\’ email address (user) for your domain (recommended). All email to the domain that is not already set up as a user or alias in Postini, will filter through this user. Once the email passes through Postini, it is sent to the appropriate email box on our servers. This allows one person to administer the spam and filtering rules, add white/black list and forward or delete quarantined email for the domain.
  • Additional Users can be added (via the form below) as an add-on option.
  • Postini User can manage their quarantined email, change the level of filtering rules, and add / remove whitelist and blacklists.

Getting Started

To get started, just open a support ticket or email our sales team for more information and/or to get started.

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