Content Management Systems (CMS)

 (Popular) is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) and application framework that powers 2.7% of the entire web. Joomla has a vibrant volunteer community, user-friendly features and plenty of power.


Drupal (Popular) is a free software package that allows an individual, a community of users, or an enterprise to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Dlrupal to power an endless variety of web sites, including:

  • Community web portals
  • Discussion sites
  • Corporate web sites
  • Intranet applications
  • Personal web sites or blogs
  • Aficionado sites
  • eCommerce applications
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking sites

e107 is a content management sysgtem written PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It\’s completely free, totally customizable and in constant development.

Mambo is a full-featured, award-winning content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. It is used all over the world to power government portals, corporate intranets and extranets, ecommer sites, nonprofit outreach, schools, church, and community sites. Mambo\’s “power in simplicity” also makes it the CMS of choice for many smal businesses and personal sites.

XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. Though started as a portal system, XOOPS is in fact striving steadily on the track of Content management Ssytem. It can serve as a web framework for use by small, medium and large sites.

A lite XOOPS can be used as a personal weblog or journal. For this purpose, you can do a standard install, and use it\’s news module only. For a medium site, you can use modules like News, Forum, Download, Web Links etc. to form a community to interact with your members and visitors. For a large site as an enterprise one, you can develop your own modules such as eShop, and sue XOOPS\’ uniform user management system to seamlessly integrate your modules with the whole system.


PHP-Nuke is an automated news system specially designed to be used in Inranets. The administrator has total control over the web site, registered users, and will have a powerfull assembly of tools to maintain an active adn 100% interactive web site using databases.

Note: The latest version will not be provided due to PHP-Nuke\’s “Latest Version Fee”. Versions will be upgraded one version behind.

phpwcms is a robust adn simple but yet powerful web based content management system running under PHP and MySQL. phpwcms is in use on thousands of websites all over the world.

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